Dhrumil Dhanesha

Name: Dhrumil Dhanesha

Profile: Founder & CEO - DDTVentures | App, Web & Game Developer | Public Speaker |

Email: contact@dhrumildhanesha.com

Phone: +91 8320072441


IOS Apllication Development 85%
Android Application Development 75%
Website Design & Development 90%
Game Development 50%
About me

Dhrumil Dhanesha is a 19 years old serial entrepreneur and a student studying in 12th grade from India. Dhrumil is the Founder & CEO of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies which specifically works on technology innovations and WEB/APP Based Products.

Dhrumil is also a TEDx Speaker and has given talks in top universities of India. Dhrumil is also a community leader & a event organiser at Techstars Startup Weekend Rajkot as well as Techstars Startup Weekend Ahmedabad.

Dhrumil is passionate about Creating Beautiful websites, Mobile Apps & Games.

Things I do

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Web Design

Web Development

Mobile App Development





My Featured Talks & Podcasts

Welcome to a compilation of my own featured talks and captivating podcasts! As the guest speaker, I delve into a diverse array of topics, sharing my expertise and insights with different hosts and audiences across the internet. Join me on this journey of thought-provoking discussions and engaging conversations that showcase my passion for sharing knowledge and experiences.

TEDx Talk

Guest speaker at TEDx Talks / January 13, 2019

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Guest speaker at Genius talks / 23 Sep. 2021

Masterclass with fearless educators

Podcast / Aug. 2020