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About Me

I am Dhrumil Dhanesha a 14 years old entrepreneur who loves to invent and make things. I am the Founder & CEO of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies also known as DDTVentures which is a Technology based company specifically working on WEB & APP Based Products. I am passionate about developing Mobile Applications, Websites, Games & Chatbots


I was born in Gujarat, after which I shifted to Mozambique with family. Right from the age of 5 years, I only had gadgets to play with! I felt that the gadgets were solely made for me.


Becoming extremely user-friendly with technology, I went on to explore more about gadgets then from the age of 6. I developed an interest to develop a game and from the age of 9, I mastered that art of developing games and applications At the age of 12, I went on to explore making websites.


My Mentor, Mr. Jatin Kataria, suggested me to register my company and now I have my own venture in the name of Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies. This company Develops WEB & APP Based Products.


15 + 3 =


+91 – 8320072441


Dhrumil Dhanesha

Founder & CEO  – Dhrumil Dhanesha Technologies

  • Business 70%
  • Software development 80%
  • Web Devlopment 70%
  • Mangement 60%